WL advertising

  • Memory

    Our extension is very lightweight and uses only a miniscule portion of your RAM

  • Smart

    The smart algorithm detects whether a popup is an ad or something that you may actually want to see

  • Options

    You can easily make all the adjustments you want in the options menu

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WL advertising

We can all agree that ads and popups are extremely annoying. When using streaming websites they completely destroy your viewing experience and can even be a source of malware if you aren't careful. Thankfully, you have the options of installing a "WL advertising" extension in your browser.

Details of our product

When using "WL advertising" you can expect it to easily handle:

  • Media
  • Pop-up & Spam
  • Privacy
  • Video ads on the vast majority of streaming websites
  • Banners and overlays
  • Pop-ups and redirects
  • Constant spam on torrent websites
  • Trackers that steal your personal information
  • Scripts compromising your privacy

Improve your web browsing experience today!

FAQ frequently asked questions

A small selection of frequently asked questions from our users and answers to these questions.

  • Which browsers fully support your extension?

    Currently, our extension is available and fully functional in browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft EDGE. In the near future we plan to expand this list with such browsers as Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Tell me in detail how to install your extension?

    If you are interested in our extension and decided to install it, you need to go to the extension store of your browser, links are available on the pages of our website. In the extensions store you need to confirm the installation of the extension, wait until the extension is installed in your browser and start using it.

  • How much will it cost to use your extension?

    From the beginning and in the future, our extension is available completely free of charge, we do not plan to charge for the use of our product, either now or ever in the future.

  • How can I remove your extension?

    To remove our extension or any other extension, you need to click on an item (...) in the upper right corner of your browser, then on the "Additional Tools/Extensions" button. In the tab that appears again, select the desired extension, then click "Delete" and confirm by clicking "Delete".

Get in touch with us

If you can't find your question in the FAQ section or you want to leave your wish in the plan of our extension or site, please fill out the form below. If possible, we will contact you.